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An Italian feast

An Italian feast

Invite all your friends over for an Italian-inspired feast. Jamie’s rustic Italian range has all the kit you’ll need, from oven to tableware, to beautiful utensils and even tea towels. Take a look at some of the range in more detail here.


This serving plate with matching dip bowl is brilliant for bringing to the table to have with some drinks when everyone arrives. Fill the bowl with quality balsamic and extra virgin olive oil, then arrange some nibbles on the plate – pillowy focaccia, marinated artichokes, plump olives, shards of Parmesan cheese and waves of prosciutto are a great place to start.


A classic baked pasta is great for a party, because you can make it in advance and let everyone dig in and help themselves. Lasagne is always a crowd-pleaser, but you could also do spinach & ricotta cannelloni, or even baked meatballs.


An oozy pasta al forno really needs a crisp seasonal salad to balance it out. This terracotta salad bowl with acacia serving spoons is perfect for serving up a bowl of beautiful leaves.


For a final finishing touch, whip up a homemade salad dressing. Try this bashed-up pine nut, basil and balsamic number to stick with the Italian theme. Served up in this beautiful apple green oil drizzler, it will really make a simple salad sing.

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