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A taste of Italian antipasti: part one

A taste of Italian antipasti: part one

Add a flavour of Italy to your evening with Jamie’s beautiful collection of Rustic Italian antipasti bowls, plates and dishes.

This stylish serveware is perfect for enjoying a few nibbles with an aperitif. Think bowls of olives, roasted Italian veg on bruschetta, or simply a handful of toasted nuts. Delicious!


Rustle up a feast to remember in proper Italian style. Fill this set of antipasti bowls with tasty nibbles and bring Mediterranean flavours and colours to your table. Think sun-dried tomatoes, fresh olives or a delicious pesto. Available in pistachio and latte colours, this set will sit pretty on any table.


This stoneware bowl and elm wood spoon set captures a real authentic Italian style. The spoon is designed to drain away any excess oil from olives or roasted veg, and the gorgeous rustic bowl can be used for whatever you fancy.


Inspired by herbs of the Mediterranean diet, this antipasti plate from Jamie’s Rustic Italian range contains the delicate imprint of a sprig of rosemary. The reactive glaze on each piece provides an artisan feel, perfect for sharing bruschetta, cured meats and Italian cheeses with friends.


The perfect way to entertain hungry guests. Pile this bruschetta board high with fresh veg, tasty topped bruschetta and serve with dip or olive oil in the matching bowl. The board is made from elm wood and the stoneware bowl is finished with a reactive glaze making giving it a unique, hand-finished look.

For more hosting inspiration, take a look at our collection of tableware at The Jamie Oliver Shop.

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